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Five steps to regain your positive spirit and career mojo, to get back on your feet:

Forgive yourself:

You examine the emotions that are currently blocking your mojo and the impact that they have on your performance. We also discuss the various emotions that you experience as you go through a career change. I help you identify strategies to better understand and deal with these emotions so that you can acknowledge and accept them, make peace with them and create space for your positive energy to flow back in. I share an easy method to forgive yourself for having the negative emotions and for having lost your mojo.

Know yourself:

I use a few powerful exercises to help you become self-aware, to understand your own strengths and challenges. I help you develop emotional intelligence so that you become self-empowered with increased self-confidence and become pro-active in finding new opportunities in your career development.

Choose yourself:

I help you to intentionally choose yourself so that you can know what you need to do in order to restore your mojo. This involves examining your mind (thoughts and beliefs), your body (your health and activities), your heart (connections) and your soul (learning and inspiration).

Brand yourself:

I help you identify your passion and purpose using Ikigai so that you fully understand your reason for being. I also guide you in developing your personal brand so that you know how you present yourself to your clients, colleagues or friends.

Be yourself:

I guide you in setting a personal action plan and in finding an accountability partner so that you will have a road map to follow with meaningful support as you use your new restored mojo to forge ahead in your career and life.


If you have lost your mojo and any of these situations below apply to you, don’t miss this special opportunity to attend this mojo-restoring group coaching mastermind.

I’ll be sharing KNOW-HOW tips that you need to design your best positive self and start the planning process to get your mojo back – even if you never realised that you lost it.

You are in the right place if:

  • You missed that great new opportunity
  • You are going through a difficult career change
  • You’ve lost your work mojo
  • You’ve lost your job
  • You are currently between jobs
  • You are unable to find a job due to moving to another region
  • Perhaps you were forced into retirement unexpectedly
  • You’re struggling with retirement because you are not sure what is next or how to fill your days
  • You were retrenched, downsized, or experienced organisational restructuring
  • You were overlooked for a promotion
  • You’re just feeling unhappy in your job
  • You’re feeling pressure as a small business owner
  • You are experiencing isolation as an entrepreneur
  • You want to start your own business
  • You want to change jobs
  • You are going after a promotion in your current job
  • You feel overwhelmed in your job


“I have worked with Lois for more than 6 years during my tenure with Suhail Bahwan Automobiles on various developmental initiatives like Training, Assessment Centre and Executive Coaching and I found her to be extremely good and professional in her work in all aspects. She has coached some of our high potential employees, nurtured them and helped them bring out their underlying talents and grow into bigger roles.”

Mohith Balakrishnan – Senior HR Professional – SBA

“Lois has been actively involved with me and my senior management team for almost five years and during this time she has led us in training, personal and collective coaching and also in the field of facilitation. This has significantly enhanced the performance of my team in various aspects of management maturity and development.”

William King – General Manager – STOMO

“Lois has consistently proven that creativity and thinking outside the box are her forte! She has shared various models linking conversation and modern leadership and created programs that enhanced team spirit and collaborative learning.”

Salim Al Flaiti – Director of Human Resources – Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre

Introductory Price – 620 US$

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Special price only for my fellow South Africans ZAR 5695 (to celebrate my return to South Africa after 11 years away)

Contact Lois for more information. lois@loiswagnercoaching.com